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Hello and welcome to our brand new interactive Home User Guide website, we have worked hard to deliver you a fantastic user experience and we hope that you find the site useful and informative, we of course encourage feedback on our site and the services we offer and should you have any queries or issues when using the site please let us know, we will try our very best to work on any type of feedback you may have good or bad.

We have loaded lots of useful feeds from some of the country's most respected news portals and also lots of useful lifestyle tips such as staying healthy, eating healthy, recipes and much much more, please feel free to browse around, if you are a developer or housing association looking for a digital system to cut down on costs and improve the content you can provide your clients please contact us using the contact us page on the top menu.

In line with the new initiative from the BRE called the Home Quality Mark, How My House Works can provide companies with everything they require for the Interactive Home User Guide requirement, we provide a unique system that goes above and beyond the mandatory requirements of Code for Sustainable Homes, Home Quality Mark and BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment, contact our team to day to discuss your requirements.

Now How My House Works has even more features than before, we have included a recipe section so you can add your favourite recipes and benefit from other peoples ideas, classified ads section to sell your unwanted items, we also have a Facebook and Twitter style social media section and an all new job section where we will soon be advertising all types of work both full and part time posts.



About Us

How My House Works was developed nearly 5 years ago by David Oldham, an Environmental consultant who could see the value in digitising the Home User Guide required by the Code for Sustainable Homes, when he looked into the process and cost of producing the guides he realised that this area required some work in order to be much less carbon intensive, since starting the site it has had many thousands of visitors and now hosts thousands of digital Home User Guides, if you wish to provide your clients with the very best in interactive guides then How My House Works can help you achieve your goals.

How My House Works is 256 bit encrypted to safeguard your information, please click on the image below to find out more about our security.


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What We Do

How My House Works provide an interactive version of the Home User Guide, we also provide a full pdf copy of the guide so you can gain the credits you require for Man1 Code for Sustainable Homes, we actively seek to encourage people not to print the guide as it starts to become unsustainable due to amount of paper used, energy used to print, printing ink etc: the other issue is,l should something change or cease to exist that is listed in the document, then the guide is no longer fit for purpose.

Using our interactive guide gives your clients 24/7 access to the following services:

  • Digital Home User Guide
  • Digital User Manuals and Guides for appliances
  • Interactive mapping to find local services and more..
  • Discount coupons to help save money on services and treats
  • A job board advertising employment locally and nationally
  • Classified ads section to buy and sell items
  • Recipe sharing section where you can download or even add your favourite recipes
  • A Facebook style portal to help you get to know people in your area
  • A Twitter style portal so you can tell other members what's happening
  • Video How To's showing you basic DIY and Home Maintenance Tips

We hope you find the site useful and we welcome idea for future services, if you want to see something available on the site please just email and we will happily discuss it with you.

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